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Finance/Payment Options


"Ezi-Pay Express " 12-Months to Pay, NO Interest-EVER!

- OR: "Once [was: MyBuy]" 3~24-Months Interest FREE Finance


Rental/Lease (no deposit)

- OR: Short Term Rental (In-House)

Certegy "Ezi-Pay Express"; 12 Months to Pay, NO INTEREST EVER!* Payment Plan

NOTE: Ezi-Pay is available ONLY on offers where "Ezi-Pay" payment option is offered (where RRP and: deposit/payments are detailed) - Sale price based on RRP listed of offer.

    • Easy fortnightly repayments - Instant Pre-Approval - No lengthy contracts to sign*
    • Small Deposit Required(see quote for details)**
    • "Take Home Lay-Buy"(For more information on Ezi-Pay Express Approval criteria you can Call a BD4U Sales Person on: 07 3896 4444)
      (*Simple 1-page payment schedule contract only)
      (**Ezi-Pay Express deposit is generally a minimum of 25% of total purchase price, refer to you quote for details & specials.)
      (NOTE: For Customers that choose not to use the above Certegy Ezi-Pay service BD4U-Computers Also offers an Interest Free Finance system through Once (MB), this system can be offered on selected items only, on terms upto 24-Months with NO-DEPOSIT INTEREST FREE, for more info please call a BD4U Sales Person on: 07 3896 4444 and ask for info on: Once (MB) Interest Free)

What do I need to get approval for Certegy Ezi-Pay Express?

    • 1. Australian: Driver’s Licence or Age Pension Card.
    • 2. A current Bank Statement showing your name, current address, bank account number & 6-Digit BSB number
    • 3. A Full-time job of 30HRs per week or more (Or: self employed with ABN)
    • 4. Required Deposit (generally 1/4 of total purchase amount @ RRP) as stated on your quote. To obtain a quote please contact us. - ALSO if possible please provide a phone bill OR extra addressed utility bills to confirm address.

(NOTE-1: To obtain Ezi-Pay Express or any other finance/payment-plan within Australia you must be 18-years or over & a permanent resident of Australia)
(NOTE-2: Other terms and conditions which would only affect a very small minority of applicants have been omitted from this list. To determine your eligibility please contact us for instant pre-approval over the phone)

New Ezi-Pay Express online Rules & Fees:
Ezi-Pay Express NOTICE!!!: Since 15/01/2009 Certegy Ezi-Pay now run an on-line ONLY document lodgment system. - Also, they run a PEV (Pre Entry Verification) system for their leading IT Industry retail stores. --- As the NUMBER ONE Ezi-Pay Express IT Merchant in QLD; BD4U Computers have the PEV system up and running and in many cases can get an EXPRESS release from Certegy in ONLY 24 Hours for existing Certegy customers. On top of this, BD4U Computers offer FREE DELIVERY for all sales on Ezi-Pay Express (Saving the customer the need for a second trip into our showroom).

IMPORTANT-1: If you have not been informed of the fees as detailed on this page prior to being presented with your Certegy Ezi-pay Express contract/Credit Schedule, you have the option to request a full refund of your deposit or a reduction in sale total to the value of these fees (so as the total sale amount is in line with the listed RRP of the package in question).

IMPORTANT-2: If you have any Certegy debits currently being deducted from any account you own; please disclose this to your sales consultant prior to placing an order (as you may not be elligible to apply if for instance you have recently entered into an Ezi-Pay payment plan and do not have available credit for additional purchase - you must first contact Certegy to enquire as to your individual elligibility to make an additional purchase on Certegy Ezi-Pay Express).

*Certegy Ezi-Pay Express is a continuing credit payment plan provided by Certegy Ezi-Pay Pty Ltd (ABN 28 129 228 986). A once off establishment fee of $40 to activate your account is payable with your first purchase under the plan. A $3.50 monthly account keeping fee and a $2.95 payment processing fee applies, other fees and charges may apply. See in store for terms and conditions. For Certegy Ezi-Pay Express No Interest Ever! applies.

Ezi-pay Express by post: We can offer Ezi-pay Express by post to customers that are unable to apply in our store, this system added a few days to the approval time as the documents need to be posted to the customer; then signed and witnessed and received back by post before lodging.

Please note: All orders under finance or as a cash deal are final at time of payment of deposit - please ask your sales consultant if you need any special conditions regarding approval or transferability of deposit. - For more information on our returns policy Click-here


(*final approval/release of goods may be granted only after all documentation has been signed and Certegy has faxed BD4U a release notice, phone approval criteria is to qualify customer's eligibility only - click here for ID form)

** Name:
** Phone Number:
** Email Address:

Please type the Make/Model of the Products you are interested in:

**If refered by the online store, insert your quote number here

**are required fields, Once registered you may receive automatic emails relating to price list updates and specials

Custom Desktop Calculator


  • No Deposit required on selected packages
  • Borrow from $500 to $20,000
  • 3 Months to 24 Months Interest Free Promotions Available. Conditions apply**.
  • Repeat purchase with your Once Visa Debit Card
  • Apply online below or come into our showroom at 147 Old Cleveland Road, Capalaba QLD 4157 (Ph: 07 3896 4444)


To apply you must be:

  • 18 Years of age or over at the time of application;
  • Employed and earning more than $30,000** gross per year;
  • A permanent Australian resident;
  • Not a discharged bankrupt or currently bankrupt; and
  • Not currently in default or have outstanding Writs or Summons

BD4U offer a range of easy finance options if you dont meet the above requirements please contact us on 07 3896 4444 for more information.

* Approved applicants only on a Once Line of Credit. Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply including a one-off $70 Establishment fee for new applicants and a $4.95 monthly Account Keeping fee. Minimum finance amount applies and is based on the promotional term. Interest, currently at 27.95% p.a., is payable on any balance outstanding after the interest free period. Finance is provided by Once Credit Pty Limited ABN 99 112 319 632, Australian Credit Licence 386194.

** Finance is available on RRP only. Excludes discounted items, special offers or discontinued stock unless agreed on by BD4U. Deposit may be required if it is a special order.


(*approval may be granted by phone or after applicable ID form depending on what options are available, please call 07 3896 4444 after submitting below form)

** Name:
** Phone Number:
** Email Address:

Please type the Make/Model of the Products you are interested in:

**If refered by the online store, insert your quote number here

**are required fields, Once registered you may receive automatic emails relating to price list updates and specials

Custom Desktop Calculator


Flexirent Computers


Personal Rental / Business Lease

    • No deposit.
    • Payments may be 100% tax deductible when equipment is used for business purposes.

    Flexirent (for Approval call 1800 240 102) - Click-here for Rate Card

    InRent (for Approval call 1300 134 720) - Click-here for Rate Card

    Flexirent NOTE: We recommend Flexirent for 2 Year and 3 Year terms
    (Call BD4U on 07 3896 4444 for $50-$150 Flexirent BONUS Offer, subject to applicable specials)

    InRent NOTE: We recommend InRent for 42 Month Term for Customers wishing to "keep up-to-date" as this term offers a $0 upgrade at 18 Months!
    (InRent 18 Month upgrade offer on 42 Month term entitles the customer to roll over any rental equipment any time after 18 Months into a new 42 Month contract of equal or greater value - call BD4U on 07 3896 4444 for applicable InRent BONUS Offer, subject to availability of specials)

What do I need to get approved?

    • Proven credit history & stable income, Phone FLEXIRENT Finance on: 1800 240 102 quoting our Dealer-Name: Best Deal 4 U Computers & I.T. and also the name of the BD4U Sales person you have been dealing with.
    • Have the total cost of goods you wish to purchase, and your banking details handy.
      (Rental/Leasing also available with: InRent, RentSmart & a range other rental providers on request.)
    • Please note: Approvals for rental can also be done in store at our showroom - 147 Old Cleveland Road, CAPALABA QLD 4157

    Customers Please Note:
    BD4U recommends the use of Flexirent should you choose to use a rental/lease to purchase your new IT equipment, the reasons we recommend flexirent include:

    • Double time - This is a great new option that allows you to pay one extra payment and then double the term, and still enjoy the benefits of Flexirent. - For example: If you paid 25 monthly payments on a 24 month term you will then get to keep the goods for a total of 48 months, all the time covered by the below advantages!
    • Swap and Save - If you would prefer to upgrade your IT equipment rather than keeping it for double time, you can upgrade your equipment up to 3 months before the end of your agreement and Flexirent will waive the remaining payments.
    • Lost, Damaged or Stolen "Insurance Included Free" - If at any time during your agreement your equipment is lost, damaged or stolen then Flexirent will replace it for you. Flexirent will also cover your payments in the event of involutary unemployement or should the worst happen to you.
    • Equipment Loaner - If your equipment ever needs to be repaired then Flexirent will offer a loaner to use in the meantime (Only whilst equipment is covered by Warranty Included in the original sale - Please note BD4U Offers Warranty Extensions of up to 5/6 Years on any laptop/desktop sale, please ask your sales consultant for more details).
    • Protection for Your Files - Free PC Tracker software to help trace stolen computers and recover valuable files.

    Custom Desktop Calculator

    For a PDF document outlining all the
    benefits of Flexirent, click here.

    Example Rates

    24 Months
    36 Months
    $96 per Month
    $77 per Month
    $189 per Month
    $150 per Month
    $293 per Month
    $224 per Month

    Click here or below for a full rate card.



    BD4U SHORT TERM RENTAL/HIRE (Under 7-Months)
    Q: What can I do if I have had previous credit issues?:

      • A1: We offer a wide range of finance and payment plan options including rental/hire plans some of these with NO CRA/Baycorp credit approval criteria - Please phone our friendly sales staff for information on options appropriate to you situation.
      • A2: We can also offer our own in-house "Short-Term-Rental/Hire" option with APPROVAL TO ANY APPLICANT REGARDLESS OF: Employment, Credit History, Term of Residency and all other criteria, however this in-house system may require deposit and rental payment up-front, also this system is generally not available on high-end new products/systems.
        For more information please phone us on 07 3896 4444.

      SHORT-TERM-RENTAL/HIRE: This system is setup for rental/hire of: PC, Laptop, Data-Projector and other business equipment for any term from: 1-Day to 6-Months, this is typically offered on systems set-up for short term hire (used equipment). at the end of the short term rental/hire we can make available a "buy-out-price" this cost may be from as low as $50-$500 to keep the goods at end of term.
      (NOTE: FlexiRent, RentSmart & HAL Leasing-RENTAL options all require a Proven credit history & stable income with CRA/Baycorp approval)

      Example of Short Term Rental/Hire Max~Min Rates:

      PC(with: Windows, Office, Monitor & CD/56k/KB/MU/SP); 1-Month: $189* / 6-Months: $89*per-month

      Laptop(with: Windows, Office & CD/56k); 1-Month: $229* / 6-Months: $119*per-month

      Data-Projector; 1-Night: $129* / 2~4-Nights: $89*per-night / 1~4-Weeks: $189*per-week

      (*Note: all pricing above is based on approximate cost of standard rental items, a bond of $150~$500+ will be payable upfront along with part or all of total rental term payment, total bond and up-front payment is by assessment of BD4U sales staff at time of quote/order based on; 1. Customer's trading history with BD4U, 2. Customer's usage of goods and ID deposit available, 3. Extra Credit-Card Bond/Guaranteur may be required. - Cost for terms under 30-days for PC & Laptop are on application only)


      CC Payment Info (CC - Credit Card) - (CC.V/M - Visa/Mastercard)

      It is standard procedure in Australia to verify card and signature for all purchases over $500.
      (Unless stated otherwise, processing fees may apply for any purchases on Visa/Mastercard/Amex(American Express)/Diners(Diners Club Card) - If you have not discussed credit card options with your sales consultant - Please CALL 07 3896 4444 to discuss availability/cost of payment method in question - PLEASE NOTE: After transaction, if by phone or internet, card/ID verification and a signature may be required on the payment slip; if this may be an issue, please ask your sales consultant prior to finalising transaction).



Finance Information
Warranty Information
Delivery Information
Pricing Information
Returns Policy
Accounts Details
Mission Statement
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