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The sequencer allows you to connect up to 8 outputs and control them in sequential patterns. Sequences that would take as long as 4 days to program without littleBits will only take you seconds!


There are 2 clock modes that control when the Bit transitions from sequence step to sequence step. In step mode the sequence transitions to a new sequence step on input low-to-high transitions. In this mode the clock output is high when the input is above 2.5V and the clock output is low when the input is below 2.5V.

With the sequencer you can automatically cycle through an entire sequence control the speed of the sequence using dimmers or sensors run the sequence 4 ways: forwards backwards pendulum or random and swap automation for full control and step through each part of the sequence using a button sound trigger or any other high-signal input. Scroll right for more!

In speed mode the sequence transitions to a new sequence step at a fixed frequency. The step frequency is proportional to the voltage at the input. At 0V input the frequency is 0Hz (the sequencer does not step). At 5 volts the step frequency is approximately 80Hz.

Also in speed mode the clock output is a square waveform at the step frequency. The 4 sequence modes control the order in which the 8 sequenced outputs are activated. At any given time there is exactly 1 of the 8 sequenced outputs set to 5V. All other outputs are set to 0V.

Forward mode sets output 1 to 5V then on the next step output 2 is set to 5V and so on. After activating each output in turn the sequence then continuously repeats starting at output 1.
Backwards mode is the same as forward mode except that the sequence steps from output 8 to output 1 and is set to 5V at each step.
Pendulum mode sets output 1 to 5V then on the next step output 2 is set to 5V and so on. Upon reaching output 8 the sequence reverses and steps down from 7 to 1.
Random mode sets a randomly selected output to 5V at each step.

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